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Common Summer Sports Injuries/TRE Intro. 6/20

Summer is Here

Most patients I talk to are already enjoying the outdoors and the activities that the nice weather and our beautiful Northern NV recreation options offer! But exercising and participating in summer sports play can lead to various injuries, including injuries to the neck and back, elbows, shoulders, wrists, knees, ankles and shins. Most sports injuries occur due to repetitive motion, sudden injuries and muscle and ligament sprains, strains and tears.

Common summer activities include hiking, jogging, camping, swimming, bicycling, golf, tennis, and any number of other competitive sports! All of these are fun activities  but they also inevitably produce injuries. Chiropractic care is the perfect, pain-free solution for those nagging injuries that include back pain, neck pain, lower back pain and even foot, leg, wrist and elbow pain caused by your normal summer activities.  

Golfers and Tennis Elbow

Golfer’s and tennis elbow are some of the most recreational common conditions treated through chiropractic care. These conditions can be nagging, persistent and really put a damper on both training and everyday life. In most cases, golfer’s and tennis elbow is not a result of playing either sport, rather it is associated with overuse of those particular muscles that you use playing those sports. Adults are particularly susceptible to these conditions due to a lack of muscle strength that would normally stabilize the area. I work with patients to alleviate their pain and get you back to being healthy and active. 

Overuse injuries develop slowly over time due to repetitive stress on tendons, muscles, bones or joints. Golfer’s elbow is considered a cousin of tennis elbow, and both cause elbow tendinitis. However, tennis elbow is sustained from damage to the tendons on the outside of the elbow while golfer’s elbow is caused by tendons on the inside. Common symptoms of golfer’s elbow include stiffness in the elbow, pain while making a fist, weak wrists, numbness or tingling in the extremities and pain when using repetitive hand, wrist or forearm motions. Tennis elbow is more of a late-occurring pain that slowly increases around the outside of the elbow. The pain becomes worse when squeezing objects or moving the wrist with force such as lifting, using tools or opening jars.


Treatment can be done through extretmity and spinal adjustments, soft-tissue work, cold level laser, and exercises, just to name a few of the many options for care. Evaluation and consultation, with concern and discussion regarding supports, orthotics and  exercises may be required for patients to continue their schedule of competive or goal oriented sports. We offer various treatment options to help get you healthy. 

In many instances, realigning the joints and vertebrae can provide nearly immediate pain relief and subsequent adjustments can keep the joints and spine in their proper positions. Many injuries can benefit from the Percussor Machine, which can help relax the muscles and relieve physical and mental stress while improving circulation and ridding the body of lactic acid. Chiropractic rehabilitation may also be utilized to further improve range of motion, strengthen weak muscles and reduce pain. 


Our Introduction to TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) Workshop is being held this month this coming Saturday from 9:30 am - 12. Many patients have enjoyed the Class and are joining us Monthly to learn how to "Shake It Out" while experiencing the relief and benefits that this Class and Process offers.

Call our office at 852-8000 and ask Gen for more info on the class options and details.

We are here to serve your Health Care needs.

Happy Summer.

Dr. Brad

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