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TRE™ Exercises to Release & Manage Stress,Tension & Trauma

Hosting Trauma and Tension Release Exercise Workshops

THANKSGIVING IS FAST APPROACHING  Thanksgiving, my most favorite Holiday of the year, is fast approaching. Warm thoughts of Gratitude, so prevalent at this celebratory time, has been filling and    embracing me. I wish to extend my thanks to all of you who have a role in my life as family members, patients, friends and business associates. My life is inextricably interlaced with yours, and I am thankful for the part that I play in your life, and the part that you play in mine . Thank you for allowing me to be able to share the gifts of well-being thru chiropractic care that I offer in the office, and the gift of inspiration shared, in conversations and other vehicles, like this newsletter provides, of living a joyous, vitalistic life-style influenced by a mind set of faith, health, joy, and freedom of Be-ing. Many of you have shared with me that you not only come to the office when pain or injury occurs, but that you rely on my suggestions as you would a coach for living fully and health-fully. Please understand that I accept this role under the umbrella of a true health provider, and that I take on this role seriously, although with joy and pleasure. The role encourages me to be constantly learning and reaching out to others for growth and learning, so I can pass on the knowledge and skills not only for your benefit, but benefits for myself and my family, as well. It is in this vein that I pass the information in this newsletter to you.

MOST ASKED QUESTIONS FOR SELFCARE  The two topics most asked about in the office, other than direct questions on an individual's personal condition and individualized treatment plan, are 1) how can I manage the stress/tension of my daily life and activities and the trauma of my current and past conditions/injuries and 2) what exercises, and other self help tools, can I do myself, at home, to assist my ...........(fill in your condition or your injury).

As a doctor, I understand that stress, tension and traumas directly affect your physical, mental and emotional health. Many studies have proven this fact, and my clinical findings corroborate those finding even more. While this topic can never be adequately covered in just one newsletter, (and I promise to cover more suggestions, like sleep, nutrition, positive thinking, etc.,  in later postings) I wanted to get this information out in the mail in time so  my e-newlsetter recipients may act on a powerful opportunity that is an answer to both most asked questions. Please read to the bottom of the newsletter for this important information.

STRESS/TRAUMA IS HARD ON THE BODY  Periodic fluctuations in stress levels are a normal and natural part of being alive. As long as we have needs and wants, and we reflect on tensions in our family and community, we are affected either directly or indirectly. If stress levels become increasingly high and chronic, they could easily become a detriment to your health and wellbeing. Stress can cause a number of physical, mental and emotional issues in any person at any age. Stress may be the underlying source of an ailment or the primary interference in your ability to naturally heal and function. Strengthening your ability to minimize and manage stress is just as important as proper nutrition, physical activity and access to essential health treatments. Stress/trauma management is part of staying well and thriving.

MANY CAUSES, MANY SOLUTIONS TO STRESS MANAGEMENT  Since stress and traumas  affect us all differently, there’s no one universal approach to stress management. The key is to find a stress management technique or combination of techniques that are effective and healthy for you. Some means of relieving stress can actually be counteractive to a healthy lifestyle, including excessive eating or substance abuse. Identifying and avoiding such choices are equally important, as unhealthy stress relievers can create a cycle of reoccurring trauma and deterioration of your quality of life.

HOW TO KNOW WHEN YOU NEED HELP WITH YOUR STRESS MANAGEMENT TOOLS? Stress management should be based in behaviors and choices that are essential to healthy living. If you feel you are dealing with an excess of chronic stress or trauma, or you are feeling discontent and experience symptoms such as anxiety and depression, digestive or respiratory issues, hypertension and heart disease, weight gain, and issues with mental processing, it’s likely you need to develop or reevaluate your stress management techniques. Another sign of bottled up stress is a sore low back or body tensions that will not alleviate despite adequate medical and chiropractic attention.

TRE™ & NEUROGENIC YOGA:  EXERCISE-BASED STRESS/TRAUMA RELEASE TOOLS TRE™ was developed by David Berceli, PhD, a bioenergetic therapist and social worker, who's used it successfully world wide for more than two decades, working with soldiers, fire fighters, police officers and survivors of war, earthquakes, domestic violence, accidents and other traumatic circumstances to help alleviate the many symptoms of stress and post-traumatic stress disorder.

RE™ and Neurogenic Yoga (NY), which developed from a Yoga approach to TRE™, are gentle, simple and profound tools that facilitate the lengthening and relaxation of the Psoas Muscle. This relaxation provides a very effective release of physical and emotional tension and stress. The Psoas muscle is a very thick, deep and stubborn muscle that acts as a guardian of our lower belly. It contracts in response to life’s small and big traumatic experiences. A tight Psoas can cause many problems, including sciatica and neck and lower back pain, just to mention a few.

The TRE™ and Neurogenic Yoga exercises work the legs, tiring them and creating a trembling response, which begins in the legs and often spreads throughout the body. This gentle (and sometime vigorous) shaking is actually the nervous system's way of discharging long held tension or unconscious muscle contraction in order to restore the body to wholeness.

SOME BENEFITS YOU MAY EXPECT FROM PRACTICING TRE™ and NEUROGENIC YOGA Disharge of buried emotional and physical trauma; The shaking loose of unconscious involuntary muscular contractions; Improved mood and decrease of aches and pains; The alleviation of Sciatica and fFibromyalgia; The release of deep chronic tension and the Increase of overall energy; Increased flexibility.

WORKSHOPS BEING OFFERED On the evening of Nov 22, Friday, A 3 hr Neurogenic Yoga Introduction Workshop ($50) will be offered, and on Saturday, Nov 23, a 6 hr Introduction to TRE™ Workshop ($125) is being sponsored by our office, and cosponsored with Dennis Fitzpatrick, the Personal Trainer. The Workshops' Trainer will be Maria Alfaro, who has presented over 1000 TRE™ & Neurogenic Yoga classes 

worldwide, over a 10 year span. Maria is only one of 7 Trainers TRE™ worrldwide, and the cocreator of Neurogenic Yoga, the sister of TRE™. Neither class requires previous exercise/ and or Yoga experience. The exercises can be adapted to anyone's level, and modified to accommodate anybody's needs.

Patients who are currently using these exercises, along with Gen and myself, and our physical trainer, Dennis, are excited with how well the exercises are reducing and relieving multitudes of tension, stresses and traumas held in the body, as well as bringing a lightness and relief to the emotions and the spirit. We have noticed that the exercises are wonderful as a natural body relaxer in the evenings and an energy charger to vitalize us during the day, and we are also including a brief session right after some of our Power Plate Worksouts to release the body stresses that our workouts sometimes accumulate. We would be happy to share our experiences with you if you are curious.

I have recommended these Workshops to everyone that has been in the office in the last month, but many of you I have not had the opportunity to tell, so here it is!

Registrations for both classes are limited to 23 participants each, and are on a first registered, first class basis. We will need to have our registration's established by Nov. 18th at the latest, so please call Gen at the office at 852-8000 for more info and to register. This class is open to the whole community. You do not have to be a patient to attend, so if you know of someone who could benefit from this opportunity, please give them the gift of the knowledge of these classes and let them know. Smile 

My heartfelt wishes for you and your loved ones for a fabulous November and a Thanksgiving filled with Gratitude and Appreciation, Health and Well-Being.

Naturally yours,

Dr. Brad


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