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The speciality of chiropractic care is the spinal adjustment. This is the way doctors of chiropractic correct subluxations.

The Goal of the Adjustment

The goal of the chiropractic adjustment is to correct the spinal subluxations found during the examination and intake process. To give an adjustment, Dr. Corbin usually applies gentle, yet swift, pressure to the bone and "unlocks" it from its improper position. The vertebrae (spinal bones) will then be free to align themselves correctly.

Many people think that the chiropractor forces a vertebra back into its "proper" place. But only the individual's own Innate Intelligence knows for sure what the proper place for each bone is. My  role is to free up the vertebrae so the body can do its own job of repair to realign the spinal bones.

The muscles which are connected to these misaligned vertebrae often get used to their positions and have a tendency to pull the bone back out of place. This is called muscle memory. It may take several adjustments before the adjustment "holds," and the bone settles into its proper healthy alignment.

Adjusting Techniques

There are many adjusting techniques for a chiropractor to choose from. Dr. Corbin, DC uses a variety of techniques to best suit the individual patient. As chiropractic is both a science and an art - the unique skills that Dr. Corbin utilizes are dependent on his expert training, his experience of close to 30 years of providing millions of adjustments to his patients, and the art of the delivery of the adjustment.

Dr. Corbin's training at the esteemed Palmer College of Chiropractic, which some call the Yale or Harvard of the Chiropractic Colleges, and his Intern time at the prestigeous Gonstead Clinic prepared him for the patients he has seen since becoming a chiropractor, 30 years of continuing education classes on advanced techniques and modalities create an unique opportunity for not only expert chiropractic care, but effecient and advanced health advice and support.

Dr. Corbin understands that each patient is different. In fact, each subluxation is different and may require a unique  approach. Even the size, weight, and muscle structure of the doctor and patient must be taken into consideration when a technique is chosen for a particular situation.

Dr. Corbin selects the technique which will most effectively correct subluxations with a minimum of force. The "art" of adjusting requires skill and training rather than brute strength. That's why even slightly built doctors can perform excellent adjustments on all patients regardless of their size.

While Dr. Corbin is an advanced hands on chiropractor, he does rely on additional adjusting techniques and tools, and various additional therapy and energetic modalities to assist him to achieve the high level of success with patient care that he is known for in the Reno and Northern Nevada community.


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  • "Dr. Corbin is the only one that helped me with issues I had for over 25 years. He listens to you and really cares about helping you get better. He is one of the few doctors that I will refer my friends to."
    Carol H. - Reno, NV