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Japanese Radiation Worries

As a chiropractor and healthcare coach, I’ve been fielding questions regarding radiation fears surfacing from the Japanese nuclear tragedy. I believe there’s no reason to panic. In fact, there is evidence that a positive approach to “stress situations” can help assist your health “thermostat” (the immune response) so you’re able to face a multitude of health threats with more ease. I am, at the same time, prudent in recommending suggestions for preparing ourselves for anticipated radiation exposure which is bound to trickle through the environment. We are already seeing evidence in air, ground and water sources, both locally and globally.

We Already Recommend "Toxic World" Protection

I know that this recent nuclear threat has already introduced an increased toxic load to how we have been living. This increased toxic load creates health challenges in everyone, and severe problems in some. This depends on whether an individual has a healthy, or a compromised, immune system. We know that an inefficient nervous system, hampered by spinal subluxations, affects nerve and organ health. We also know that toxic challenges reflect back on spine and nerve health as well. Toxic loads are actually one cause of spinal subluxations and resulting health effects. Also, individuals who are already iodine deficient will have more health detoxification challenges with this current and future imposing toxic threat.

Advice I Follow

I have collaborated with other health and environmental nutritional specialists, including natural health experts Dr. Lynn Toohey and Dr. Brownstein. This is information that I trust, follow, and share with my own patients and family members. My intention is for this to be educational and optimistically filled with self-help assistance and health advice.

We Need Iodine for Overall Health Protection

While most hoopla on toxic protection recently in the media has been on recommending replacing any radioactive iodine experienced from radiation poisoning with a good potassium iodide—thus protecting the thyroid—please know that the thyroid is NOT the only organ that absorbs iodine and needs protection. Dr. Brownstein in his book, “Iodine Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It” wrote, “The breasts, ovaries, uterus, prostate, skin, and other organs all bind and require iodine for optimal functioning. In fact, every cell in our body requires iodine for optimal functioning. Therefore, if we are iodine deficient, exposure to radioactive iodine can potentially result in damage to all the cells of the body. My experience has shown over 95% of patients are [already] deficient in iodine.”

Radiation Contains Other Harmful Toxins

We also know that radiation contains other harmful substances, including cesium, which supplemental iodine does not protect against. We recommend you take the time to learn what can help you and your family, as well as any contraindications you may have for any protective supplements you are already taking. Another important thing to remember is that as you start taking any potassium iodide, you could experience an effect known as a bromine detoxification. This should be monitored and assisted with other nutritional support products, including omega oils and glutathione among others. Many people store up bromine in their bodies, from hot tubs, bakery goods, etc…, and when they start supplementing with iodide, the resulting iodine displaces the bromine, and you get a "bromine detox", which can be very uncomfortable.

Advanced Detox Products and Advice Available

This support information, and more detailed information (too much to be included here), as well as ongoing personalized healthcare and advice, is available in our office. We thoroughly research the products we carry in our office, including Nutri-West’s Iodine Rescue—the product I and my family members have already been taking, and will continue to take for the next several weeks. We also carry other important products to promote and protect great health such as Nutri-West’s Total Liver D-tox and Total Systemic D-tox—both of which can help with the cesium—as well as everyday and unforeseen toxic assaults to our bodies. We can provide research information on all of the products we carry in our office.  If my patients need assistance with stubborn or complicated toxic health challenges, applied kinesiology testing, and outside lab testing are available and can be useful.

Keeping Protected and Healthy

We know from recent world disasters—both the Gulf oil spill and the nuclear power plant breech—that toxic protection will be a concern for us that will last decades and possibly centuries according to scientists. It is prudent to know the facts: 1) Our environment has been polluted. Evidences in water, air and ground have been found and are being tracked. 2) Healthy individuals tend to be the ones who are proactive when it comes to prevention against toxic assault. It is not clear at this point, what our final exposures will be because a lot  depends on weather patterns, the amount of radiation released, and our own innate protective immune system. But we do know that 3) Chiropractic adjustments help to keep our nervous system, and thus, our organs, (including our detox organs) functioning at their optimum efficiency. And 4) Using supplements for overall health and disease prevention is the one of the most prudent, easy, inexpensive and sane recommendations I can give for living healthy in our toxic world.


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