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Immune System and Chiropractic

Winter is here, and we are seeing not only extreme weather changes, but our office is visited with patients who are looking for alternatives for fending off nasty winter flus and colds.   They become excited when they learn that regular chiropractic treatments can provide them with natural ways to fend off the flu and thereby avoid risky immunizations.

Medical researchers have found a link between the body’s central nervous system and the immune system. However, this is not new news to me. Chiropractic researchers discovered this link back in 1918 when the Spanish Flu was sweeping across the country, bringing with it wide-spread death. It was found that the rate of chiropractic patients who got the flu was less than half that of non-chiropractic patients.  (Rhodes WR: “The Official History of Chiropractic in Texas.” Texas Chiropractic Association. Austin, TX. 1978.)

Modern findings indicate that chiropractic care, also known as sympathetic activity, releases immune regulatory cells into the body, which increases your defense to the flu and other illnesses. The sympathetic nervous system plays a large role in regulating your immune function, and those who receive chiropractic care are better equipped to fight off illness and disease as a result.

You may not be sick with the sniffles or flu right now, but any misalignment of your spine may be setting the stage for a compromised immune system.  This is due to a lack of immune regulatory cells being released into the blood stream. Regular chiropractic visits can assist you with maintaining a healthy immune system. Chiropractic adjustments restore the balance of your nervous system, which is responsible for all the functions in the body. It helps you get well faster, if you are sick, and stay well!

Besides immune based conditions, I have seen chiropractic patients receive relief from many conditions in our office, including asthma, ear infections, and depression. Chiropractic has been proven to reduce the symptoms of many major illnesses. Chiropractic treatment lessens the effects of so many conditions that it is hailed as a complete wellness solution, and part of a concerned health "network" of specialists.

If you are considering making substantial changes in your lifestyle in an effort to restore your immune system, and natural health, then adding chiropractic care is a must for your success. Along with a good diet, exercise, and getting plenty of rest, chiropractic care will be instrumental in creating a healthier you. Chiropractors are known as the experts in lifestyle care. If you are not sure where to begin, give us a call. We can create a total wellness program designed to increase the effectiveness of your immune system and general health overall.

And before you get that flu shot, be sure to call us. What you will get in return will be a well balanced central nervous system and a pass on the flu this season. 


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